Introducing, our effortless campaign to get people walking again in West Africa…


This March, let it grow. Pledge to not shave or trim your leg-hair for the full 31 days of March. Get nice and hairy and also help people that can’t grow hair on at least one of their legs!

Us regular leg-shavers here at Legs4Africa have decided to let it all grow out for the entire month of March!

We are pledging to not shave or trim the fluff from our pins, however dark or curly the leg-wool, we will let it run wild. We will enjoy the warmth and softness of our natural fibers and laugh heartily in the face of the oddball cultural norms that usually keep us clean-shaved.

The March Hair is being led by our wonderful supporter Jo Burgess – For the month of March Jo has pledged to ‘cultivate her fur’ in a ploy to kick back at societal norms while supporting amputees in West Africa.

Read more about why Jo is taking part by heading to her Just Giving page here

Get involved

Next month, why not join the team and, through making no effort at all, support some of the most disadvantaged amputees in the world. All you need to do is set up your JustGiving page by clicking here and throw away that razor. It’s as simple as that.


Once you’re all signed up, start using our hashtags #MarchHair #DontCareMarchHair #DareToMarchHair to spread the word and start nominating your chums to take part too!

We welcome all fantastical and creative and wacky ideas as add-ons to this campaign – perhaps organise a March Hair March on Saturday 31st where you all parade around showing off your hairy pins? Or maybe host a sponsored leg shave for people that are usually furry at your workplace? If you have ideas but need some help organising them feel free to send us an email at

Don’t fancy taking part but want to help us on our mission?

If you would rather stay smooth this March don’t worry, there are a few ways you can still help with the campaign…

  1. Spread the word – use our hashtags #MarchHair #Don’tCareMarchHair #DareToMarchHair, circulate an email around your workplace advertising the campaign, share our content on your social media pages or even hold a fundraiser during the month that encourages people to give to our brave March Hairs.
  2. Donate some dosh – you can sponsor our hairy marchers using their JustGiving pages, all proceeds go to the work of Legs4Africa