You throw a pretty good party WOMAD

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We couldn’t have asked for better weather at WOMAD this year. It was our 7th festival of the summer and we were starting to feel the effects of too much party, far too much tie dying and nowhere near enough sleep.

We weren’t too sure what to expect from this experience which called itself  “the worlds festival”, but our anticipation arouse  as we found our allocated pitch a small child’s stone’s throw away from Carter’s Vintage Steam Fair. We soon realised however that there was in fact something special in the air, and that this could possibly be one of the best places in the world for us to represent ourselves. We’re not sure if we are just getting better at explaining  what we do, or that people at WOMAD just got it; but we had the most touching, inspirational and helpful conversations with individuals who may be able to help us in the future. Tie dying went through the roof, everyone loved it and we enjoyed spotting people we’d spoken to on the previous days showing off their creativity and support.  Across the festival the atmosphere was electric, fuelled by some of the best artists from around the world and we looked forward to the afterhours open workshops, such as belly dancing and laughing yoga.

WOMAD we like you a lot and I hope you liked us too. We are running low on our current design of t-shirt so if you haven’t ordered yours yet this is probably your last chance. Support us by getting one for yourself

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