UKAid Direct Project Gets Underway In Ghana

Bethany / Ghana, Project Update

Following a COVID19 hiatus the Amputee Empowerment Project in Ghana has hit the ground running in 2021.

Working with the Orthopaedic Training Centre in Nsawam, the project aims to strengthen Ghana’s amputee community through bolstering emotional rehabilitation and peer counselling provisions, supporting amputees to grow their support networks and developing a platform of easily accessible, digital self-help information.

Since its formal restart in November of 2020 many of the activities outlined in the project needed to be carefully considered to ensure efficacy in the middle of a global pandemic.

However, the first two weeks of January saw a number of important project elements getting underway, a testament to the commitment of our Ghanaian stakeholders.

Partnering community based organisation Smiles of Hope led the first of a series of community support groups which will continue to provide amputees an opportunity to share their lived experience and give them access to Q&A sessions with healthcare professionals.

Smiles of Hope working with community members in the first of a series of community events

Fifty candidates were whittled down to fifteen interviewees, out of which eight were selected to train as peer counsellors. The course is being delivered by Equilinks who work in local psychosocial support and training. once trained these counsellors will be equipped with skills to deliver acute mental health support whilst at the same time drawing on their own experiences as amputees.

Work on a digital database for wellbeing information is an overarching, cross-country, multi-project initiative which is in the early development phase but will start to really take shape in the first twelve months of this project so, watch this space.

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