The L.4.A Way

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What we’re all about Our little team of L4A staff and volunteers are a principled, opinionated and driven box of good eggs. Together we have come up with a list of 9 values that we want to hold high and shout about. We believe that if we live by these values and everything we work to achieve reflects them, then … Read More

Sharing leg advice between centres in UK and Africa

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One of the things I picked up quickly working with Legs4Africa was that this wasn’t just a case of dropping some limbs off where required and speeding away thinking that the job was done. Donating recycled limbs is one part of what Legs4Africa does but what it also does is invest in the limb centres in areas where they are … Read More

We’re looking for a new Trustee

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Mens Shed group

Legs4Africa is the charity that gets people walking again in Africa. Through recycling prosthetic leg parts that would otherwise end up in landfill and setting up amputee-led support groups we help to get thousands of people a year back on their feet in Africa. We are one of the only charities in the world doing this vital work and since … Read More

How to play Ampe?

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Do you know how to play Ampe?  Originating in Ghana, it is a popular children’s game in Africa because any number can play and no equipment is needed so it’s a good game to play spontaneously anywhere with your friends. It’s fun, fast and furious. A leader is chosen and he or she stands opposite their first opponent. They both … Read More

Join us on the Banjul Challenge 2019

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Legs4Africa have teamed up with the world famous Banjul Challenge this year to deliver by land vital prosthetic leg components to limb centres in Senegal and The Gambia.  If you are up for the challenge we want you to join in, to get amputees in Africa walking again. The Banjul Challenge organisers have generously announced that Legs4Africa will be their … Read More

My experience with Legs4Africa

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This week we welcomed Ella McKeown into the office for a spot of work experience – she has just finished her GCSEs and is our official North Somerset badge box vendor. “I first discovered Legs4Africa when Tom (the founder of the charity) came to my school and gave an assembly on the work him and his team do for amputees … Read More

New partners from Uganda

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People playing basketball

On Monday, June 24th 2019, Legs4Africa had the privilege to welcome Akram Semwanga, Gizamba Mafabi Henry, and Tom Baguma, three Ugandan prosthetists respectively coming from the Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services, the Mulago National Referral Hospital of Kampala, and the Fort Portal Regional Referral Orthopaedic workshop. In addition, we had the honour to welcome Kalibbala Mark Giggs, the community … Read More

Unfinished Business

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Women assembling legs

Gender equality and equity remain unfinished businesses worldwide. Women have to deal with constant challenges so as to stand up in front of all the inequalities, difficulties and gender stereotyping which still characterise modern societies. Gender policies as well as projects aimed at promoting human rights are essential tools which promote individuals strength and give people the chance to reach … Read More

Beth gets a taste of Hollywood

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Legs4africa team

In Beth’s words… In the simplest of terms Legs4Africa recycle prosthetic legs from UK based hospitals and send the components to partnering clinics in various African countries. However, to give back a persons ability to walk, run, play or ride a bike in parts of the world where disabled people often lack due visibility means the disparity between abled and … Read More

Leg Donor Legend

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Man wearing mask

This is Dad. He always took the photos and was never in them so this is ages ago. My son liked it so we sent this one. Dad was 77 when he passed away. He was married to our mum Joan for just short of sixty years. They met when they were ten and played out together! Dad was a … Read More

Unveiling the genius behind our frogs and sandwiches – Ella Kasperowicz!

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Earlier this year we advertised for volunteer campaign artists in lots of trendy places around Bristol. Luckily all the blue-tacking posters on walls paid off and we attracted Ella, who stumbled across us through an Instagram post from Bzzaar. Ella received her illustration licence from Falmouth University in 2017 and loves playing with pens, words and ideas. She is the … Read More

30KG charity baggage for Uganda CorSU

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people in front of an orthopaedic workshop

Our experience with Legs4Africa was super easy and straightforward. After discussing my availability of luggage allowance, I had a box of just under 30kg delivered to my flat. We popped it in a taxi and took it to the airport. We had a letter emailed to us explaining to the airline exactly what was in the box and info about … Read More

First shipment for Nigeria

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the team loading a van

On Wednesday the 2nd of May (2018) Phil and Tom from Legs4Africa prepared and shipped a pallet bound for the Saint Joseph hospital and physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre in Nnewi, Nigeria. The pallet contains: We expect the pallet to arrive at the hospital in July at which point we’ll have another update. 

Help us ship 75 prosthetic legs to training centre in Ghana

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  Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is enabling the handicapped in Ghana, mainly children, to gain independent and productive lives.   The OTC was started by the Divine Word Missionaries in 1961, founded by Brother Tarcisius de Ruyter (SVD). The primary purpose of the Centre is the rehabilitation of the physically challenged in Ghana and … Read More

The 2017 Legs4Africa Impact Report

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Explore our 2017 Impact Report now and see what your support has helped Legs4Africa achieve! Though we do try to keep you up to date with our activities over the year, it becomes easy to loose sight of the bigger picture. For this reason, we have produced this radiant impact report to let you, our amazing supporters, know just what we … Read More

You can help us ship 200 wheelchairs to The Gambia

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Legs4Africa is looking to raise six thousand pounds to furnish The Wheelchair Centre, supplying the whole of The Gambia with wheelchairs, as well as the nearby physiotherapy department with essential tools, replacement parts and equipment. The skilled engineers need updated tools and parts so that they may customise each donated wheelchair for its intended recipient. Legs4Africa have seen, first hand, … Read More

A Woeful Week in a Wheelchair Workshop

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Phil Tunstall, chief of operations at Legs4Africa and all round good egg, describes his recent experience of working at the wheelchair centre in the Gambia. He takes a look at the highs and the lows of the work that the centre does and the frustrations its technicians are forced to endure due to insufficient resources. Finally, he explains how you … Read More

200 Wheelchairs to support Rehabilitation Unit in The Gambia

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Amputee children playing

Legs4Africa is looking to raise six thousand pounds to furnish The Wheelchair Centre, supplying the whole of The Gambia with wheelchairs, as well as the nearby physiotherapy department with essential tools, replacement parts and equipment. The skilled engineers need updated tools and parts so that they may customise each donated wheelchair for its intended recipient. Over a hundred wheelchair users … Read More