June 27, 2019

Unfinished Business

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Gender equality and equity remain unfinished businesses worldwide. Women have to deal with constant challenges so as to stand up in front of all the inequalities, difficulties and gender stereotyping which still characterise modern societies.

Gender policies as well as projects aimed at promoting human rights are essential tools which promote individuals strength and give people the chance to reach their aims. Nevertheless, the biggest issue is to consciously and individually look at the cultural mindset which can make us think that things are good as they are, that there’s no need to change them. 

It is always good to challenge ourselves, to question what’s around us and to get inspired by stories which show resilience and courage. 


In the last 6 months Awa has been working with Legs4Africa at the Rehabilitation Centre in Banjul. I haven’t met her in person but thanks to our communication through Whatsapp I got a glimpse of her determination and enthusiasm. Awa is a young passionate woman who is willing to become an Orthopaedic Technician and she is currently training in the workshop. She builds relationships with patients and she takes care of part of the process which concerns the fitting and construction of limbs. Her mother is a farmer, she cultivates groundnut and vegetables in her garden to feed the family. Awa had to drop out of school so as to help her mum and siblings, she is working hard to improve her skills and her desire is to complete her education so as to get a certificate for her profession.

That’s what she said when I asked her if she likes what she is doing with Legs4Africa: “I like the job, I really appreciate it and I am very happy with it because everyday I go to the centre and I get happiness by making people happy. My job is pretty exciting and give me the freedom to think and learn new things. I thank Legs4Africa for this.”

Given that women in the Gambia are facing multiple barriers and that the access to education can be an issue, women like Awa show how your inner strength and your fervent desire to achieve something can lead you to accomplish your goals. It’s a process which requires collaboration between organizations and individuals, Legs4Africa’s support and Awa’s tenacity are a good example on how things can be changed and new opportunities can be built, it’s a matter of cooperation and willpower.