Update: Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary

Chris Ingram / Gambia, Project Update

The 31st January marked the deadline for the first stage of our Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary. This will pay for five female amputees from across the continent to travel to TATCOT in Tanzania and embark on a one year course in lower-limb prosthetics.

Thanks to our African partner network consisting of mobility centres, disability advocates and community groups we were able to promote the bursaries across the continent through newsletters and social media. And whilst the bursary was established to reduce the shortage of female prosthetists in Africa, the shortage is definitely not a result of lack of interest – we’ve had almost 50 applicants from a third of all the countries on the continent! 

This has surpassed all our expectations, and considering the campaign has relied solely on digital communications has been really successful.

This success however will make the next stage a lot more challenging, as we begin the task of selecting potential candidates through more thorough discussions.

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