July 8, 2018

Use your carbon footprint for human footprints!

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Are you travelling to The Gambia or Ghana?

If so you can help us. Legs4Africa are launching a new project ‘Deliver a Leg’ with a purpose to utilise travellers to deliver legs to amputees. Together we want to connect people in need, with prosthetic limbs – so that they can walk, work and wander with freedom, re-gain their independence, pursue their passions and live life with fewer limitations.

Be an explorer with a difference, take freedom with you

To explore is one of the best feelings in the world, the first step a baby takes is always a significant moment and for most of us marks the beginning of our freedom as individuals – gifting us the ability to take ourselves to the places that interest us , filled with beauty and intrigue – we don’t imagine suddenly losing this capability. For many people in Gambia and Ghana the loss of a limb is reality, taking away from them an element of life that most of us never picture being without.  

Gambia – the smiling coast of Africa, and Ghana, are destinations of fascination, sculpted by diverse landscape and renowned for their welcoming nature. They are places that depict the warm-hearted essence of the natural wildlife they bestow. But with the untampered terrain, comes a lack of funds and health care, resulting in minimal resources to assist those suffering health wise. We are asking you to be an explorer with a difference and deliver a leg on our behalf. We are asking you to use your freedom to travel, to enable someone the freedom to walk again.

Use the last leg of your journey to help someone walk again

How many times have you craned your head back to gaze at the white path and silhouette of an arrow – imagining being on that plane, picturing where you would go, the beach you would flounce down upon, run grinning into the sea of some subtropical dreamland, the long breath you would take at the top of a mountain- escape finally reached. We always see flying as such a phenomenon, but does it even cross our minds to consider walking as extraordinary, most of us are fortunate enough to have had this means of travelling for as long as we can remember and still do. We ask that the next time you see a plane in the sky, you imagine the potential it caries with it, for someone living without a leg to walk again.

With a prosthetic leg only weighing between 1- 3 kg you could simply swap a pair of shoes for some leg components, to give someone the ability to explore again. Travelling can be freeing, restorative and fulfilling, but through ‘Deliver a Leg’ you can add to your experience, the knowledge you are helping someone and giving back to the places that provide so much. The process is simple, we post you components, you include them as part of your luggage and we arrange for it to be collected from wherever you are staying. All you have to do is say yes!

Please get in contact here if you are planning a trip to either Gambia or Ghana and would like to help.