We’re not super heroes but…

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We’re not saying that we’re super heroes… But… Origin stories are all the rage now, from the dusky beginnings of super heroes to the even shadier background stories of Breaking Bad lawyers. Naturally, Legs4Africa identifies neither with heroes or criminals, but we also have an origin story and though it may not be superhuman or have multiple seasons, we think … Read More

Meet Gabu – The Gambia’s only prosthetist

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Late last year Legs4Africa, an amputee charity exporting prosthetic legs to Sub-Saharan Africa, spent a very pleasurable week meeting the people that their work is helping get on their own two feet again. This series looks at the lives of those amputees along with the people who are helping to change those lives. Legs4Africa were lucky enough to get some … Read More

Meet Alieo Touray – An amputee Police officer

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In this series, Legs4Africa is taking a look at the lives of Gambian amputees. We want to give you a snap shot of normal people doing normal things despite disability and in some cases, thriving whilst they do so. The police are often on the front line, putting themselves in dangerous situations to protect the public. unfortunately, in places like … Read More

Amputee Spotlight – Forday Conteh

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In the dusty yard of Farafenni Power Station, a figure on a bicycle emerges from behind a distant warehouse. As the man draws nearer, I see the striking sky blue of his Muslim attire, and a wide grin beaming above a stark-white beard. He comes to a halt and nimbly dismounts from his ancient bicycle, propping it on a kickstand … Read More

Meet Madi – Amputee Journalist

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Madi Njie is an outspoken journalist and an amputee. He now writes for the Daily Observer, after his first newspaper The Independent was brutally closed down by the Gambian government for articles that criticised the president (in power for over 20 years) and his policies. Madi lost his leg when he was 12, while helping on his family’s farm during … Read More

Interview with a wheelchair mechanic

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It’s an inspiring sight when you walk into the Social Welfare Unit in Banjul -The Gambia, as most of the engineers and staff are affected with limited mobility. For example, all 3 wheelchair mechanics which serve the entire countries wheelchair maintenance needs are bound by a wheelchair. Having spoken with each member of the team, we could see and feel how passionate they … Read More

Legs4Africa Meets Mariama Mjie

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Meet Mariama Mjie. She lost her leg after giving birth to her daughter and has continued to teach. She admits that life is hard but refuses sympathy, instead asking for empathy and for people to recognise that she doesn’t ask for help, she only asks that people understand. Maria strongly believes that differently abled people can be part of the economic … Read More

Legs4Africa small step… BIG JOURNEY

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The Legs4Africa journey so far has been a mammoth one. We’ve come a long way in only a few years and changed thousands of lives on the Africa continent. Without your generous support we would not have been able to get here. Thank you!