Affordable rehabilitation for amputees across Africa.


To help amputees live independently, through the provision of prosthetic legs along with physical and emotional rehabilitation.

The Steps

We Recycle Legs

Prosthetic legs are collected from hospitals by our volunteer drivers, or some people even send them to us in the post. They are then disassembled, sorted by volunteers in Bristol and shipped out to mobility centres in Africa.


A prosthetic leg specialist will support each amputee through their rehabilitation. They will be measured up and given exercises to help them walk. The socket of the leg will be made out of local materials. The knees, feet and connecting pylons are provided by Legs4Africa.

Home Visits

It can often be very difficult for amputees to get into the hospital for check-ups on their prosthetic legs. This is why we have our Community Support Officer travelling around the more rural parts of The Gambia, consulting those who otherwise would not be assisted with emotional support and practical help.

Support Groups

Limb-loss can be hugely traumatic, especially when coupled with the social stigma attached to disability in Africa. By setting up support groups that are run by amputees for amputees, we can help give them a voice, let them share knowledge, support them to escape isolation, and help them overcome poverty that limb-loss can cause.