September 26, 2018

Volunteer Harry makes use of leg room

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Several months before setting off to The Gambia I heard about Legs 4 Africa. Having read about them, I looked into the Deliver a Leg campaign. Motivated by being able to so easily and effectively help amputees in The Gambia, I got in contact. I soon received two boxes of prosthetic materials, packed these in a bag and was ready to fly. I arrived in The Gambia and after showing the customs officer the letter provided by L4A, was let through with a smile.

It was not long before I met Bob; a friendly guy who works with amputees in the community. It was great to meet for a drink and hear about his work. He was happy to show my girlfriend and me the sights of Gambia and have us over to his house for delicious fish benachin.  

The best part of delivering a leg was the opportunity to see the work that L4A supports. I was able to meet Gabu and Morrow, the prosthetists at their workshop. It was good to see how the materials and support from L4A allows these guys (working with Bob) to fit and train amputees with prosthetic limbs to help them walk again. I was also able to attend a meeting of the Gambian Amputee Association. This group, run by and for Gambian amputees, aims to bring amputees together to provide support, raise awareness and tackle stigma. They discussed many issues including a sensitisation tour of The Gambia in order meet these aims by talking to communities throughout the country. It was inspiring to see how they came together to work for the benefit of all the amputees in The Gambia.

I assumed that I would just drop off the delivery (which would have been possible and useful) however was able to experience so much more. The Deliver a Leg campaign was an easy way to help and it was incredible to see how Legs4Africa works to support people in The Gambia so that they can provide holistic care for amputees.

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