August 2, 2017

The Volunteer’s Voice – Aoife Twomey

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We’d like to introduce you to Aoife Twomey, a filmmaker from Bristol who gave her time to join Legs4Africa on a visit to The Gambia. 

I was having a really bad day. But I managed to drag myself to my djembe drumming lesson and in a moment of honesty I told the guy next to me that I was struggling to find some work I really believed in. He asked me what I did and I told him I was a filmmaker, he told me about a charity he had set up… And in a few weeks I was boarding a plane to The Gambia with the Legs4Africa crew!
We arrived into extreme heat and were greeted by the smiling face of Bob, Legs4Africa’s Gambian rehabilitation officer, who loaded us up into his open truck. Clinging to the sides and watching the road soar beneath us, we set off to find our home for the next week, and what an amazing place. From walking on the beach to being invited into people’s homes, we met some truly incredible people and they all shared their stories so generously with us. It was an honour to hear them speak. 

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I turned 30 on this trip, I was wished a happy birthday in 7 languages and sung to all day. I said good bye to my 20’s with a cleansing swim in the ocean at sunset. Later we had a big dinner, a fire and a drumming circle on the beach, the moon was out and I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. The generosity and warmth of the Gambian people and the Legs4Africa crew was so welcome in the depths of British winter.
On my return from Africa I began work on the edit. It was so wonderful to revisit the stories of the people I’d met. It was a pleasure to draw out the truth of their stories, and to share this truth with the world. I’m incredibly proud of the work we produced and hope that the films continue to serve the people out there who need our support. Legs4Africa is a wonderful charity, they work with such passion and love for the people they serve. 
I was especially moved when meeting and creating the video of Fatima, and her speaking about the love for her mother (below).
You can see more of the videos that Aoife has produced for us here.