We love ‘Good News’ – Success in Zambia

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Anyone remember when we shipped 500 legs to Zambia last year?

We are starting to see some very good results, helping lots and lots of people walk again and regain their independence.

Dr Colin McDonald was stationed at the The University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia and found that they were in desperate need of the components to build more prosthetic legs. After speaking with Colin, he informed us that the hospital had all the necessary equipment and trained professionals but was limited by their component or material resources to help the many of the regions amputees.

After sharing a container with another charity ‘Physionet’ Legs4Africa managed to get our precious cargo to the centre where we’ve since been receiving extremely positive feedback.

It warms our hearts to share these photos of some of the amputees that have been fitted with modified prosthetic legs that we have sent.

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