Getting People Walking Again

We are the charity that is getting people walking again in sub-Saharan Africa.

Through re-purposing prosthetic legs that would otherwise end up in landfills, and facilitating amputee-led community groups we are giving thousands of people a year the ultimate leg-up.

Recycling prosthetic legs

In many parts of the world prosthetic legs cannot be re-used or recycled. This means that every year thousands of legs end up in landfills. By working with limb centres, manufacturers and the general public we can stop this from happening.

The legs that we recycle come from limb fitting centres around the world and individual donors.

  • Limb Centres are encouraged to work with us to reduce their waste.
  • We encourage individuals to send unwanted and outgrown legs to their closest Legs4Africa sorting unit.

Do you have a leg that you would like to donate? 

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Dismantling and servicing legs

The prosthetic legs that we receive are dismantled and serviced by groups of retired gentlemen through a partnership with Rotary Clubs and the charity Men’s Sheds.

To assist us with this labour-intensive yet rewarding part of our process, we have developed a unique partnership with Men’s Sheds – an international charity that builds community spaces for men to connect, converse, and create. Encouraging retired gentlemen to take part in practical activities together helps to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

In the first 6 months of working together we have dismantled about 300 legs – we think Legs4Africa is having a job to keep up with us!”

Mervyn Bishop – Men’s Shed, Warmley

Improving Partner Services

The partnerships that we develop in sub-Saharan African are incredibly important. Not only do we supply prosthetic leg parts that can be used to build or repair limbs, but we also help clinics across the continent to build capacity through the provision of tools, and training opportunities.

We only support limb centres that have qualified prosthetists, physiotherapists, and technicians to ensure that they are able to utilise the parts we send.

Free Health Advice

Care4Legs is a rich and growing resource for people suffering from limb loss to access and learn about the best practices of self-care.

Why not try Care4Legs yourself? 

Text ‘Hello‘ via WhatsApp to +447960044438

Community Groups

We help set up amputee-led community groups and encourage amputees to come together to work through the trauma of limb loss.

We help to set up amputee-led community groups so individuals can be supported emotionally and form friendships with people in the same situation as them.

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