August 9, 2019

Who is Team Bright Star and why are they so awesome?

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Banjul Challenge 2018/19 Team Bright Star = Daniel, Peter, Karsten & Angela

For all of us, joining the Banjul Challenge was already an amazing experience, but it got truly so much more enriched by supporting Legs4Africa!

When Daniel got the word from a friend about the charity just a few months before we set off, we were thrilled to be able to do some more useful things as part of our adventure. Not just was the money from the vehicles going to local NGOs (as per Banjul Challenge rules and privilege), but also we could follow our own additional mission to provide even more direct and personalised support. All the way driving through the different countries people took notice of the L4A logos on our vans and our pretty leopard prosthesis tied to the roof, and they often started talking to us about it. It was actually easier to defer excited gold-diggers when explaining that all the content including tools and mysterious suitcases were destined for the amputees in the Gambia, committed to the local dedicated coordinators and supporting an idea which is spreading and providing support all over Africa.

Arriving in the Gambia, it was a real privilege to be able to meet many concerned and engaged people linked to L4A and to the Gambian Amputee Association. Many of our families and friends donated a lot of additional money through our dedicated JustGiving website, and awareness of the underlying problems and meaningful support was raised throughout. Would we do it again? Yes!