February 1, 2019

Why I want to work for Legs4Africa

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Meet Margherita – our new Office Intern!

She joined our little team in February and will be taking charge of our Deliver A Leg programme.

“I would like to introduce myself and to share my expectations on this new experience with Legs4Africa by sharing a personal episode, which made me realize the reasons why I would like to contribute at my best to social projects aimed at supporting people in need:

three years ago, I went to Romania and I spent four weeks with disabled children who live in orphanages. These kids lived in harsh conditions, they had physical and psychological issues, they were often tied to their own beds or dangerously restrained in their own clothing. Moreover, nurses who worked at the institutions were not properly trained, and often abused the children. When I came back, I was upset and I did not want to talk about my experience with anyone. I also felt kind of guilty because I could not do so much to help these children out and I thought I did not have the right tools. After a while I realized it did not make any sense to retreat into myself and, even if I was young and I didn’t have much experience, I started to organize some meetings to talk about my experiences of volunteering to some high school classes. Thanks to these speaking opportunities, I learned the importance of expressing myself in an engaging way, in order to open up to others, to share my thoughts and my experiences with them.

My exposure to volunteering activities with disabled children has taught me that the lack of knowledge is one of the causes of social exclusion. Thus, I believe that spreading culture and information on social issues is essential to provide people with opportunities and to create the right conditions for human development.

After three years of philosophical studies at the university I feel the need to gain more working experience in a framework of social engagement, which has always been my field of interest. In fact, even if I like what I studied, I have always had the impression that something was missed out. The academic field sometimes made me feel a bit trapped and that is why during my studies I have always tried to challenge myself by doing volunteering activities both in Italy and abroad.

I see this opportunity with Legs4Africa as a challenge and a great chance to work and learn more, which is something that seems highly desirable to me. I would define myself as a proactive and curious person, who is always willing to undertake new adventures – I am ready to contribute to any projects and back office activities. Last but not least, this working experience is coherent with my academic interest, since I am considering to enroll in a Master of Science in Political Science and I think this would be a great opportunity to prepare myself for my future studies.” – Margherita Pisoni