Why recycling your prosthetic limb is so important

Legs4Africa provides independent living to people who have suffered limb-loss in Africa with the help of amputees in the UK. We recycle prosthetic limb to be repurposed by mobility centres in Africa and provide resources for amputee rehabilitation.

Consider these facts …

  • Mobility centres across Africa are severely underfunded do not have access to the resources to meet the needs of its amputees.

  • Due to low standards of healthcare, often dangerous work practices and type 2 diabetes in countries such as Tanzania, The Gambia, Ghana, and Senegal, amputation is significantly wider spread than within the UK.

  • The persisting stigma of disability in Africa, and the ingrained cultural belief that individuals with disabilities are “cursed”, means that people with disabilities are treated as second class citizens.

Your prosthetic limb allows an amputee in Africa to:

  • Be able to walk

  • Reduce dependence on their relatives and give them the opportunity to live more independently.

  • Gain better standards of employment and greater acceptance in the workplace.

  • Increase participation in social activities and have more of a voice in their local community.

  • Prove that, given the right support, people with disabilities are just as valuable as their peers 

Your prosthetic limb donation helps improve equality for amputees in Africa. Together we are reducing the social, physical and financial issues faced by amputees in Africa and building a more hopeful future.

Recycle your prosthetic limb