Why your gift matters…

Legs4Africa is giving amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa the opportunity to live full and productive Lives after suffering limb-loss.

Your contribution allows Legs4Africa to:

  • Collect and ship prosthetic legs to mobility centres across Sub Saharan Africa for adaption and use by amputees.
  • Provide physical rehabilitation through home visits to prosthetic leg users..
  • Buy essential materials and tools for mobility centres in Africa to build, fit and repair prosthetic legs.
  • Campaign for increased resources provided by local government.
  • Develop self sustaining support groups for people who have suffered limb-loss.
  • Improve employment prospects for amputees.
  • Increase independence for amputees thereby reducing the dependence on families.

By providing scarce resources and utilising existing facilities and expertise within each country, Legs4Africa is building self sustainable services to create equality for the amputees of Sub Saharan Africa.