The Wonderful Mind of Megan Clarke

Tom Williams / Fundraising

woman delivering crutches

Megan Clarke is a freelance designer, illustrator, animator, inventor, filmmaker, script writer and wonderful person. She smiles a lot and she makes amazingly special videos of/for amazingly special things.

I’ve only met Megan once and she may not have sensed that I had sensed something very special from her but I would like to make it clear now. Megan has a frequency that allows her to see the world in her signature fashion and she kindly shares this with us through her videos and illustrations.

If you were following Legs 4 Africa when the #LegNominations were in full swing you would have seen some of Megans creations and felt immediately refreshed as you were whipped away from your usual realm and injected into a place where you probably haven’t been before.

Megan’s involvement in Legs 4 Africa has been paramount and if it wasn’t for herself and her next door neighbour (Phil Tunstall) the #LegNominations would have never taken off and our crowdfunding target may have never been reached, and the van may not be somewhere on route to The Gambia right now.

Having thankfully reached our ambitious target Megan kindly put together a thank you video for us to share with all the generous individuals and companies which supported us during that campaign.

See some of Megan’s creations below and when you realise that she’s not your every day run of the mill creative demon visit her website at

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