January 14, 2021

Working alongside Nav Solidaire

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At the end of 2019, we received an interesting phone call from a group of passionate young people from Northern France who said that they had seen what we’re up to and were considering to set up something similar in France. We invited them to spend a couple of days with us in Bristol so we could show them what we do and warned them of some of the pitfalls that we had already faced so they could try and avoid them whilst they set up their organisation.

Since that first visit, Nav Solidaire has gone from an idea to a registered organisation that is already working closely with several limb fitting centres across France to make sure any serviceable components are getting another life in Africa. Collaborations like this are wonderful because it means that the Mobility Network that Legs4Africa actively serves can be supported with even more raw components and what’s incredible is Nav Solidaire want to deliver all of the components that they receive on a sailing boat.